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1000 Suns Theme

One Thousand Suns is a free Tumblr theme by Sujay Thomas.


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Sep 30 '10

About the “1000 Suns” Tumblr Theme

First of all, do you like it? Great! Go ahead and…

Here’s the rundown of the some of the cool features:

…and more features to come! The theme is constantly updated, and you will automatically be refreshed on your site. Please note that using “Edit HTML” will exclude you from automatic updates until you revert back. You can check if your version is outdated against the number on the bottom of this page.

Most of the features listed above can be enabled and customized via the Customize page in your Tumblr blog’s Settings, once you’ve installed the theme.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to let me know.

Also follow this Tumblr if you want updates on future developments!


Jan 29 '10

Quick Note on New Features

  • more customizability of top buttons (turn off individual buttons or full set under the Appearance tab in the Customize page)
  • "Ask a question" button (if enabled on your tumblr)
  • "Submit post" button (if enabled on your tumblr)
  • Twitter button (simplified process, just plug in your username and you’re done)
  • refined formspring and answer post styling

…and lastly, my favorite new feature:

  • keyboard navigation!!! (press left and right on your keyboard to skip pages/posts)
Dec 21 '09

Disqus Support Added

If you pop on over to the Customize page and check the bottom of the Appearances tab, you’ll see an option to enter your Disqus Comments shortname to allow comments on your Tumblr in a jiffy.